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Round 1 open until 14th June 2016

The Institute for Women's Health runs two highly successful MSc programmes : Prenatal Genetics and Fetal Medicine since 1996 and Reproductive Science and Women's Health since 2009, both directed by Professor Joyce Harper. Joyce Harper, Helen O'Neill and Alpesh Doshi have developed a continual professional development basic level course, delivered by distance learning; The Clinical IVF Laboratory. The course consists of approximately 5 hours of online learning delivered through video lectures by experts in the field.

Target audience

The CPD course is suitable for clinicians, health care professionals, including nurses, scientists, clinical embryologists and geneticists who want to know more about the clinical IVF laboratory. The course can be used to train new staff working in the IVF clinic or anyone wanting to learn more about this exciting field.


The course will be open twice a year and is totally distance learning, made up of pre-recorded lectures/videos. The course includes videos of the main laboratory techniques. These lectures/videos can be watched, paused and rewound at the students' own pace. Several 'on-line' tutorials will be run by experts in the field, for students and tutors to discuss various topics relating to the course, including ethical issues. Students will have their own forum to discuss the course. At the end of each lecture and at the end of the course, students will be asked to give feedback to ensure continuous monitoring and improvement. All students will receive a certificate of attendance. The total learning time will be approximately 5 hours, including discussion on the forum and tutorials.


  • Introduction to the course: Helen O'Neill
  • Introduction to the IVF laboratory: Kalliopi Loutradi
  • Clinical andrology and sperm preparation: Susannah Sargent
  • From egg collection to embryo transfer: Rabi Odia
  • ICSI (intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection): Carleen Heath
  • Embryo selection: Joyce Harper
  • Egg and embryo freezing: Alpesh Doshi
  • New technologies in IVF: Joyce Harper


  • Joyce Harper
  • Alpesh Doshi
  • Helen O'Neill
  • Kalliopi Loutradi
  • Susannah Sargent
  • Rabi Odia
  • Carleen Health

Registration and fees

The course costs £350.

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